Portsoy Salmon Bothy Volunteers Museums Galleries Accreditation

The Salmon Bothy was taken over by Portsoy Community Enterprise in 2006. Just over £400,000 was raised for its restoration and it was opened to the public in 2008. It includes a museum (with Museums and Galleries Scotland Accreditation), a genealogical research facility and a community facility “Upstairs at the Bothy”.

The operation is managed by an enthusiastic team of volunteers and is part of the Portsoy Community Enterpriseorganisation, which is a registered charity. The volunteers work hard to raise funds to top up public donations and hire charges for use of the Bothy.

The Bothy is used by a wide range of groups from Portsoy and further afield. These include clubs for painting, crafts, knitting and Pilates. It is also the home of the “Folk at the Bothy”, a highly active traditional music club which now holds its own annual festival, The HAAL.

Upstairs at the Bothy is also used for exhibitions, parties, weddings and business meetings.

Visitors and users of the Bothy exceed 3,000 per annum.

Previously awarded three stars, following a recent review, the Bothy was raised to a four star Historic Attraction, a splendid recognition of the hard work put in by the volunteers. The award included special recognition of the building’s appearance, the quality of the museum’s interpretive material – especially the things visitors can do –and the warmth of welcome by the volunteers. Its wide community usage was also noted as important.