Yes, there is dedicated free parking to the front of the Bothy.  Please use this area and refrain from parking on Wood Street.

The Salmon Bothy is a fine example of a combined icehouse, bothy sleeping quarters and net loft. Built in the 1830’s, it is of historical significance and hence is Category B listed.  For this reason, access to some areas for people with disabilities may be limited. 

Parking: There is a car park situated adjacent to the main museum entrance on shore level. Disabled parking spaces in the car park are clearly signposted nearest to the gravel path leading to the museum. There is also a designated disabled parking space on Wood Street for access to Upstairs at the Bothy.

Museum Access: At the Salmon Bothy Museum, the double doors open to allow adequate space for those using wheelchairs to enter the first chamber of the museum. The further two chambers have original cobbled flooring and therefore are not recommended with a wheelchairs or push chair.

Upstairs at the Bothy 
There is a cemented pathway which leads up the left hand side of the building to the upper road.  The original external steps to the Upstairs area can be accessed by wheelchair users by way of a stair climber chair. This is an electronic chair that is used with assistance to climb the stairs.  A folding wheelchair is available for use once upstairs.

If you anticipate use of the stair climber chair, we appreciate prior notice whenever possible to ensure assistance can be provided without delay.

If you are planning a visit to the Bothy and you are concerned about access please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone: (+44) 01261 842951 or email:

No, there is no charge to visit the museum, however we do appreciate donations.

The Museum at the Salmon Bothy is run by volunteers.  It is usually open throughout the summer months, times are displayed on the Museum page.

Anyone who wants to be shown around the museum out with the designated opening times should contact Anne to make an appointment. Telephone: 01261 842474 or email:

Wifi is available free of charge in the Office and Upstairs at the Bothy, login information is on display.